Catalonian Government Plans Use of Blockchain in Public Administration

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Image: Bitcoin, Pixabay

The government of Catalonia is developing a formal plan and strategy to implement blockchain in public administration activities and become “a pioneer in the implementation of this technology,” according to an official release.

The Department of Digital Policies will be responsible for formulating the “impulse plan” before December 31. The strategic plan, which will be defined in the framework of an interdepartmental working group, will identify the areas of activity in which blockchain can reach its “maximum potential” and will include the economical impacts of blockchain implementation.

The move, unveiled on Tuesday, 2018, aims to position Catalonia as “a leader in the use and development of blockchain, a technology that will be decisive and impact all sectors and industries.”

The government said it will promote the use of blockchain, facilitate adoption, encourage the development of a new industry around the technology, and promote blockchain education.

On Wednesday, Jordi Puignero, counselor at the Department of Digital Policies, took to Twitter, stating that blockchain has the potential to generate the same revolution as the Internet has done.

Jordi Puignero, counselor at the Department of Digital Policies, Twitter
Jordi Puignero, counselor at the Department of Digital Policies, Twitter

Industry participants welcomed the move. “The news concerning the Generalitat de Catalunya’s intention to foster blockchain adoption within the administration is a significant step forward in the region for blockchain adoption and recognizing the array of benefits it can accrue,” said Manuel Martin, co-founder and CEO of Orvium, a blockchain framework designed to manage scientific publications and associated data.

For Fernando Gutierrez, CMO at Dash Core Group, blockchain has the potential to substantially improve Spain’s fragmented, slow and inefficient public administration, and provide transparency and traceability in all administrative processes.

Catalonia’s blockchain push is part of its broader SmartCatalonia (SmartCAT) plan. Approved in 2014, SmartCAT seeks to extend the concept of Smart City on a national level and develop a program that uses smart technology to innovate in public services, encourage economic growth and promote a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive society.

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