DragonEx Launched Supernode Program with Support from Multiple Capitals

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As one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, DragonEx has now begun to take major steps towards expanding across the rest of the globe. After the launch of its English trading platform in New York in May and the opening of its global operation center in Thailand in June, DragonEx also initiated its DragonEx Institute. DragonEx Institute, a component of the DragonEx eco-system, is a blockchain incubator that works to develop and to invest in worldwide, high-quality, blockchain startups.

In an effort to support its global strategy, DragonEx is also pleased to announce the Supernode Program on July 27, 2018. The Supernode Program aims to attract high-caliber, quality funds and capital into DragonEx’s eco-system. Using their extensive, expert experience in the investment field, the funds and capital in the program will be responsible for recommending, reviewing, and voting on high-quality crypto-projects to be listed with DragonEx. This program will benefit from the professionals’ ample investment experience to reduce investment risk for DragonEx users.

To encourage cooperation and input from our strategic Super Nodes, this program will reward Super Nodes for successfully introduced projects with DT rewards based on the daily commissions of the newly-listed tokens. This incentive has already stimulated five successful fund signups such as Oriental Capital, GXChain Capital, Geek Blockchain Capital, Springtron Fund, and TS Fund, to join the program, after the program announcement.

The Supernode Program has also created a mutually beneficial relationship with DragonEx Institute. Super Nodes enjoy priority access to discounts for promising blockchain startup investments that are incubated by the DragonEx Institute. DragonEx will continue to encourage funds with blockchain-focused operations to participate. For more information, please check https://dragonex.im/.

Since its launch, DragonEx has looked to continually push the boundaries and pioneer new and innovative strategies designed to benefit the entire blockchain industry.  Daniel, COO of DragonEx, has said “DragonEx’s success thus far can be largely attributed to its highly active, passionate, and knowledgeable customer base. The Supernode Program encourages further cooperation from our highly capable institutional investor base by further valuing them by means of rewards and incentives. Supernode rewards are carefully, strategically, and specifically designed in such a way that brings long-term benefit to the DragonEx exchanges and its entire user base.”

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